There's a reason we call ourselves a brand agency

The foundation of every successful brand is a well-researched and well-executed brand strategy. This is true whether you’re creating and launching a new brand, or developing an existing brand. It’s easy to become so immersed in your brand that it’s hard to focus on strategy, or so immersed in your strategy that you lose sight of your identity. That’s where the Creative Spark team come in. We love digging deep into your brand and creating a strategy tailored to your exact needs.

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  • Brand development process

    Our thinking starts from the inside of the business. We spend time understanding the foundation of the brand and it’s target audience before we create a new direction for it move, or a place for it to start.  Once a solid foundation has been built, we create an identity that brings this to life, through visuals and tone of voice. All wrapped up in a simple, useful set of guidelines.

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Branding Strategy Services

Brand Guidelines

Instantly recognisable brands have a set of guidelines that underpin them; a brand bible that sets out everything from logo size, to brand colours, to spelling preferences and tone of voice. Brand guidelines ensure that you’re sending a strong and coherent message across all forms of brand communication, and protecting your standout brand from the damage off message communications can do. Brand consistency is also a huge factor in ensuring easy and consistent brand recognition, which is hugely important in our busy digital world.
Creative Spark create clear and easy-to- follow brand guidelines that will safeguard your brand from off-message dilution. They’ll also set high and consistent benchmarks for all brand communication that will further protect your brand image, and ensure your brand is getting talked about for all the right reasons.

Corporate Identity and Logos

A picture paints a thousand words, and a striking, well-designed logo is integral to creating a distinctive and cohesive corporate identity – think McDonald’s iconic Golden Arches, Apple’s apple, or Nike’s swoosh. Like your logo, your wider corporate identity should sum up your brand, project your chosen image to the world, and ultimately assist you in fulfilling your business objectives. The Creative Spark team understand brands and are able to create logos and corporate identities from scratch that embody a business and resonate with the target audience. We also do a lot of work with established brands that are suffering an identity crisis, or that need to work with existing brand elements and develop them to fit with their evolving brand.

Product and Packaging Design

Shelf space has never been at more of a premium than in today’s crowded market, so it’s imperative that your product and package design is on point. Not only does your product packaging and design have to sum up your brand, it needs to silence the chatter of its competitors and speak directly to your customers. Customers don’t tend to spend huge amounts of time comparing products and make their buying decisions quickly, so your design needs to attract and then hold their attention. We’ve worked with some really strong brands and big retail names to develop packaging that they love, that resonates with their customers, and that drives results in a crowded market. The Creative Spark team will craft packaging that conveys the right message and fits with your wider brand strategy, whilst looking the business and staying true to your brand colours, fonts, logo and style.

Tone of Voice

If your visual image represents the body of your brand, tone of voice represents your brand’s personality. And just as you don’t want to confuse your customers or dilute your brand by using a range of logos or competing brand colours, you need to present a consistent brand personality by ensuring that your tone of voice is consistent across all of your communication. So whether your brand tone is light-hearted and fun, or serious and informative, a consistent application across all formats will strengthen your brand and your brand message. How you say it is arguably as important as what you say, so your tone contributes greatly to how people perceive your brand. Whether you’re communicating in digital, print, advert, or video format, it’s really important that the visual imagery that you choose complements and supports your tone of voice. A strong and consistent tone of voice reinforced by well-thought out brand imagery will keep your brand communication in line with your brand strategy, goals, and objectives.

High Quality Branding

A smart and successful business doesn’t sell individual products or services to its clients, it sells the entire brand. High quality branding means promoting your brand personality and business ethos in every communication that you make - in how you look, what you say, the way you say, where you say it, the packaging you use, the music you choose – the list goes on. Comprehensive high quality branding gives your target audience something to buy into that goes beyond your product or service, for which there may be many existing providers. High quality branding means putting in place a brand strategy that works towards fulfilling your business objectives, builds your brand, identifies opportunities for brand growth, and provides consistency at every point of contact your customers have with you. So as well as thinking about your packaging and advertising, you also need to think about how you carry your brand into every letter, phone call or email communication your staff make. Contact our expert team at Creative Spark to find out more.

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