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Creativespark Services Branding Hero

Work with Creative Spark on your next branding project.

Whether you are looking to develop unique and recognisable new branding, or breathe fresh life into your business. Our strategic, values-based approach will bring your branding to life.

We live and breathe brands. We know that they are built from the inside out. We understand that your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your team first, and then your customers. That’s why we start with people. By asking people what they think of your brand, what they say about your brand.

With this key information, we can build a brand that matters. A brand that will engage and inspire your team. A brand that will represent your culture, and be a moral compass that guides your business forward to achieve your goals and more.

We don't just create brands,
we build relationships


Our Branding Services


From your logo and colour palette to your unique voice, we’ll make sure your brand is built to last.

Brand Repositioning

Brands are a bit like cars. Even if they’re built to last, they still need a tune up now and then.

Brand Strategy

Think of us as your brand guardian angels, always hovering in the side-lines to protect and bolster your brand strategy as required.