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Branding is often seen as a dark art, and there are almost as many definitions of how it should be done as there are brands themselves.

But that’s somewhat inevitable. Every brand exists in a different setting, stands for different things. Has different priorities or visual requirements. That’s why we’re big believers in not bullying brands – or clients for that matter – into a mould. Our in-house brand strategists and designers follow a simple, flexible methodology to assist you in uncovering the truths and objectives that lie at the heart of your organisation.

It’s a tried and tested approach that will guide you through every aspect of the branding process, from finding and honing your unique voice to establishing a visual identity, and capturing that identity in handy guidelines. We’ll then nurture it and tweak it where necessary, so it can establish itself in the marketplace and give you the credible, versatile face that you need..

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With the business going from strength to strength, we wanted to invest back in the brand to ensure we delivered the best possible experience for our customers. Spark were the natural choice with their expertise in both brand and UX to take us to the next level, and the results speak for themselves. A great success!

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