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Work with Creative Spark on your next video project.

As a leading video production company based in the heart of Manchester we have a long heritage of working with some of the best production companies in the UK to create compelling videos. We understand the power of great stories well told.

Moving images are one of the best ways to engage your audience in a deep yet instant way. Their ability to convey clarity, brevity and emotion is unmatched, and if you’re not making the most of online video content then your brand is seriously missing a trick. The options for getting your message from script to screen have never been broader or more affordable, from animation and motion graphics to CGI and video.

As well as being able to distill your message and engage your audience, content creation also produces lots of shareable collateral to ensure your brand message is being heard across all platforms.

We find the best way of creating high-quality content is to work in a retained relationship. This enables us to set business-critical targets and then create the content in order of priority to achieve your goals.

We don't just create great content,
we build relationships

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Our Video Production

TV Advertising

We employ a wide range of visual styles and production techniques to make sure every ad stands out on the screen.

Motion Graphics

Perfect for distilling the bafflingly complex down into the brilliantly simple, motion graphics allow you to reach customers worldwide via virtually any channel.

Product Video

Whatever your product, brand and overall sales strategy, we can create a hardworking video that will work effectively wherever you need it to.