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Graphic illustrations are a great way of generating ownable personality that can readily flex across all kinds of touchpoints.

From characters that personify your products or customers, to multi-layered infographics that make complex data easy to digest, graphic illustration can do pretty much anything, not to mention evolving into a cool motion graphic execution when required.

We’ve enjoyed crafting all kinds of graphic illustrations for clients as varied as Epson and jobs that require craft and visual flourish are something of a speciality – just take a look at our annual Little Print Shop of Horrors.

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We are really proud of the ‘Work of art for worktops’ campaign. The beautiful photography sets us apart from our competitors and positions our kettle as an extremely desirable kitchen appliance. We are very pleased with the response to the campaign and we can’t wait for the next phase. In addition, feedback from our buyers was that they haven’t seen a campaign like it before from Russell Hobbs, let along our competitors.

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