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Photography briefs can take a great many forms, from product photography and staff headshots to campaign and commercial images. Getting each of them spot on requires the right kind of eye.

We regularly work with some of the best photographers in the country, handpicked for their ability to realise our vision for that particular brief. For us, high quality photography is an irreplaceable asset for any brand, providing a certain kind of impact that you just can’t match in other mediums.

The old axiom that images speak louder than words has never been more true in the age of digital, and we know exactly how to capture mind-blowing shots that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

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We are really proud of the ‘Work of art for worktops’ campaign. The beautiful photography sets us apart from our competitors and positions our kettle as an extremely desirable kitchen appliance. We are very pleased with the response to the campaign and we can’t wait for the next phase. In addition, feedback from our buyers was that they haven’t seen a campaign like it before from Russell Hobbs, let along our competitors.

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