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Few things let you bring an idea or service to life like motion graphics. Their highly economical format blends the impact of video with the elegance of design, for a cost-effective solution to many moving image briefs.

Perfect for distilling the bafflingly complex down into the brilliantly simple, motion graphics allow you to reach customers worldwide with an engaging narrative that’s on brand and adaptable to virtually any channel. We’ve delivered all kinds of motion graphics projects for clients, and they’re always a lot of fun. They’re so good at highlighting core points at speed, it’s one of our favourite formats to work in.

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I’ve worked the Spark team for many years now and have they have produced some of our most effective commercials to date. They have a refreshing way to approaching briefs and have a network of talent around them. They have managed to give the ministry commercials and packs a high end feel whilst still working to our very tight budgets.
Naz Idelji - Director of Compilations, Ministry of Sound

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