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Product videos are one of our fastest growing services, and one with the least rules. Showcasing products in a way that brings them to life, both in terms of the practical performance and the brand behind them, is a fascinating challenge with no obvious answers.

We’ve produced all manner of product videos, from high definition CGI to simple, clean hands-on demos – and much more unusual things besides. Whatever your product, brand and overall sales strategy, we can create a hardworking video that will work effectively wherever you need it to. Thanks to relationships with all kinds of production companies and post-production houses across the country, we can find a dynamic look and feel that takes your product video to a whole new level.

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Having worked with Creative Spark for over 5 years now, I've found them to be a creative breath of fresh air. They take our briefs and give us game-changing concepts back. Through working with them, the brand recognition of our products has grown and album sales have been fantastic. They have opened up new creative doors for us that have led to a wider target audience interacting with our products
Naz Idelji - Director of Compilations, Ministry of Sound

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