Garrison Footwear

Putting our best foot forward

Leading the industry with their premium designs, Garrison needed to develop their branding to match their reputation. This is where we were lucky enough to step in.

  • branding
  • web
  • design
  • ux
  • web design

Creating stand out

Our first task was to create the brand. A bold design that was also consistent with the key brand messages of craftsmanship, style and heritage was essential. The bold style and contrasting colours allow the logo to both stand out and remain absolutely consistent across all communications.

Developing for web

The website needed to convey the premium nature of the service whilst maintaining a focus on positive user experience. The parallax scrolling structure invites users to flow down the page, absorbing easily digestible information and bespoke photography. With expansion plans already underway in Europe and the USA, the service offering had to be clear to potential clients and easily accessible. A simple yet intuitive layout achieved this.