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Web design is a disarmingly simple phrases that actually encompasses a dazzling range of skills and challenges. Reconciling the complexities of navigation and user journeys with the need for absolute intuitive simplicity, requires zen-like clarity of thought. That’s where our team of battle-hardened web designers step in, remaining cool, calm and creative throughout. Working with leading technology (HTML5 and CSS3 to name but two) we’ll make sure your website is fit for purpose, robust and ready to withstand the kind of traffic you need.

Taking your brief to places you might not have expected, we’ll take care of all the belt and braces functions, like optimisation for all kinds of devices and tidy integration with your back-end systems and social channels. Quite simply, we design websites customers love to use.

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With the business going from strength to strength, we wanted to invest back in the brand to ensure we delivered the best possible experience for our customers. Spark were the natural choice with their expertise in both brand and UX to take us to the next level, and the results speak for themselves. A great success!

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